About Us:

We are a small single screen Drive-In theatre on the top of Sand Mountain. What we lack in luster, we make up for in warm smiles, good food, and friendly people. The Drive-In’s of America are slowly fading away. We believe that all families should have a place to go to be with one another and enjoy their weekend at a fair price. We focus on family values and integrity. Our mission is to provide our customers with a safe, fun, clean, high-quality experience at an honest price.

Hope to see you at the Drive-In

 God Bless,

The Wilson Family

2 thoughts on “About Us:

  1. We came from out of state (Pensacola,FL) to come enjoy a good-old fashioned night out at the drive-in.We were very pleased with our experience last weekend. We also made sure visited the snack bar . We had 2 really GREAT hamburgers and other wonderful food items ,while we watched 2 great movies.


    1. We thank you for the time you spent with us. We have grown so much since that weekend, and can’t thank you enough for spending your anniversary with us. Until next time. Thanks The Wilson Family


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