Welcome to The Henagar Drive-In Theatre


We are a small single screen Drive-In theatre on the top of Sand Mountain. What we lack in luster, we make up for in warm smiles, good food, and nice people. The Drive-In’s of America are slowly fading away. We believe that all families should have a place to go to be with one another and enjoy their weekend at a fair price. We focus on family values and integrity. It is our mission to provide Fresh, Family, Fun.

Hope to see you at the Drive-In

 God Bless,

The Wilson Family

6 thoughts on “Welcome to The Henagar Drive-In Theatre

  1. Hello, My name is Gary Taylor, I am a Gospel Radio Deejay at WDJL Radio 1000 AM in Huntsville. http://www.wdjl1000am.net I was wondering if you would be interested in doing a partnership with us and donating some passes to your drive in theater. We are a locally owned and operated radio station. If you would be interested in donating some tickets, please call our office manager at -256-852-1223. Thank You so much, Gary Taylor


    • Thank you, Gary, for contacting us. We would love to send you a couple of passes, send us an email address and we will get them sent straight over to you. We will get with you and send them via email if that would be ok. Thank you for keeping us in mind. We are also trying our hand at some advertisement on the big screen would you be interested in this?


    • Hi Monica,
      Yes, we do play other movies. We have shown a couple other movies that are more for adults and we will be showing others. We would love to have some help from our customers on what they would like to see. Thank you for keeping us in mind for your entertainment. Thank you The Wilson Family


  2. Domi, you guys are doing great! My husband and I have been coming to the drive-in for a while now and it just keeps getting better. The food is really good and doesn’t cost a ton like going to the theater. And the season pass just makes the deal that much sweeter!


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