We are closed till spring!

Check back in March for more details.


Now Taking Call In Orders

(256) 687-0461

We are also implementing some new rules regarding outside food and drinks. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Please, NO OUTSIDE FOOD, DRINKS, COOLERS, or ICE CHESTS, or a $20 fee will be charged.

Gates open at 5:30 pm


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Click links to see trailers, reviews, and ratings

Motion Pictures Association of America (Ratings Info)

Also, like and Follow us on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter for specials, contests, and updates. @HenagarDriveIn

Hope to see you at the Drive-In,

The Wilson Family

Henagar Drive-In Theatre is a venture of

US 5 Wilsons LLC.

13 thoughts on “Announcements:

  1. Hello, My name is Gary Taylor, I am a Gospel Radio Deejay at WDJL Radio 1000 AM in Huntsville. I was wondering if you would be interested in doing a partnership with us and donating some passes to your drive in theater. We are a locally owned and operated radio station. If you would be interested in donating some tickets, please call our office manager at -256-852-1223. Thank You so much, Gary Taylor


    1. Thank you, Gary, for contacting us. We would love to send you a couple of passes, send us an email address and we will get them sent straight over to you. We will get with you and send them via email if that would be ok. Thank you for keeping us in mind. We are also trying our hand at some advertisement on the big screen would you be interested in this?


  2. Domi, you guys are doing great! My husband and I have been coming to the drive-in for a while now and it just keeps getting better. The food is really good and doesn’t cost a ton like going to the theater. And the season pass just makes the deal that much sweeter!

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  3. Wanted to see if we could trade out some tickets for our Anniversary winners on our southern Gospel radio station in scottsboro Al. We give stuff away Monday through Friday call you call me we can talk more details at 256-574-1330 thanks ReJeana

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  4. I have been a supporter of the drive-in since it first opened off and on over the years . I love this theater and what ot stands for . It’s very disappointing to me an my family when it’s closed and there aren’t any movies being shown . I would love to see all of the Marvel and DC comic movies coming out , action , adventure, some Drama and anything Jane Austenish . I love having a good place to bring my grandchildren when most of the animation movies are shown & I also love being able to come out with my 30-50ish ur old friends and watch the more exciting films . I hope my suggestions help and hope to some of these type movies at The Henegar Drive in .


    1. Thank you for the support and the suggestions. We will be opening again come spring 2019. Remember to like and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, in order to keep up with the latest news. Thanks again, can’t wait to see you at the Drive-In.


    2. Thank you Renee. We have loved getting to know everyone in the short time the Drive-In has been reopened. We hope you will come back and be a supporter during the Spring and Summer seasons. We can’t wait to see you at the Drive-In. The Wilson Family


  5. We will be traveling to Mentone very soon and was wondering what movie(s) you will be showing in March? Very excited to go to an old fashioned drive in and support a Christian business!!!


    1. Hi Rick, Thanks for thinking of us. We are currently working hard on our summer slate. We have had amazing feedback from our customers with their likes and dislikes for the summer. Our playlist is not set in stone, but we will have some big movies coming up. We hope to have the next couple weeks locked in by this Friday. Watch for us on all social media and always keep us in your prayers. Dominique


  6. We came tonight (March 15, 2019) excited to see How To Train Your Dragon 3 and Glass… the audio was really bad distorted… we managed to get through Dragon but could handle it in Glass… it was brought up early into Dragon and nothing was done and it seemed to be even worse when Glass came on


    1. Hi Jeremy, We have a tech coming today. We are sorry for the sound issues. We tried all we could do to manage it that night. We hope this doesn’t keep you from coming back out and trying again. Thank you for your understanding. Dominique


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